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And Then I Landed In Brussels source: Belgium, 4/ 28/ 2002

Disc one:
Hallelujah, I'm Ready To Go (a)[Lm]
When I Paint My Masterpiece (a)[Lm]
It's Alright, Ma (a)[Cd / Lc]
It Ain't Me, Babe (a)[Bh]
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum 
If You See Her, Say Hello [Lf]
Cry A While [Ls]
Moonlight [Tab]
Mama, You Been On My Mind (a)[Bh]
Visions Of Johanna (a)
Masters Of War (a)[Cd]
Disc two:
Summer Days [Tab]
I Believe In You 
The Wicked Messenger [Bh]
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 [Lsg]
1st encore: 
Love Sick 
Like A Rolling Stone 
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (a)[Ce]
Honest With Me [Ls]
Blowin' In The Wind (a)[Bh]
2nd encore:
All Along The Watchtower 
An excellent recording from the European 2002 tour, this CD was released simultaneously along with Sharp Eyed Señor Of The Lowlands from Rotterdam. A very good performance, though perhaps nothing really special or exceptional... apart from a rare acoustic version of  When I Paint My Masterpiece. This, of course, because of the line in that song from which this CD title was taken. Although this recording has apparently undergone some remastering, Crystal Cat has also released a CD from this show which may be preferable to some listeners, but it's really a matter of personal taste, since they are both in similarly excellent sound quality. Very nice aesthetics, with photos 'borrowed' from the official tour program. An enjoyable disc.
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Source / Venue:
Forest National, Brussels, Belgium. April 28, 2002

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Rattlesnake    /   RS 116/117 
Aug 2002

8 stars

Bob's Boots ref
# BB-a53

Thanks to Mike McGarr for scans & Review

(a) - acoustic
[Bh] -Bob on harp
[Cd] -Charlie on dobro
[Ce] -Charlie on electric guitar
[Cs] -Charlie on slide guitar
[Lc] -Larry on cittern
[Lf] - Larry on fiddle
[Lm] -Larry on mandolin
[Ls] - Larry on slide guitar
[Lsg]-Larry on steel guitar
[Tab]-Tony on acoustic upright bass
Jim Keltner plays drums on all songs

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Brussels 2002
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