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Before the Crash Vol 1
source: Royal Albert Hall

She Belongs To Me
4th Time Around
Intro (I don't write drug songs)
Visions Of Johanna
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Desolation Row
Just Like A Woman
Mr Tambourine Man

As many of the earlier CD boots, this title was recorded directly from a vinyl album. If the ever-present vinyl noise can be overlooked, the quality of the recording is quite high. The performance has a 'drugged' slowness, with an underlying venomous bite.
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© 2000 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
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MWL produced 1000 of these titles in 1992 as part 1 of a set that also included 'Vol. 2'. 
Source / Venue:
Royal Albert Hall, London,  May 27, 1966

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Music With Love 001

Released:   1992

Quality:  7-8 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-b11

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