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Between Saved & Shot
source: Studio outtakes

Is It Worth It
High Away
You're Still A Child To Me
Wind Blows On The Water
All The Way Down
My Oriental Home (Instrumental)
We're (Living) On Borrowed Time
I Want You To Know I Love You
On A Rockin' Boat
Movin' (On The Water)
Don't Ever Take Yourself Away
Mystery Train (S Phillips/H Parker) *
Heart Of Mine
Watered Down Love
Shot Of Love

Studio outtakes from March-May 1981. Nice  quality. It's taken from the soundboard, but from a fourth generation analog tape... so the quality isn't crystal clear. There is a slight white noise throughout. Vocals are rarely up to proper mix level. This is a great collection for fans of the studio process outtake. Gospel era fans will have some interest as well. However, all should keep in mind that these are unfinished songs. Some are little more than ideas. There are no hidden 'gems' here that have missed official release, and those seeking the powerful Christian dogma of Saved will be disappointed. Highlights are the bosa nova tune Don't Ever Take Yourself Away, and the bonus tracks. Comes complete with a 12 page color, glossy booklet and essay. The CD is printed with the full color cover photo. 
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Source / Venue:
Shot Of Love sessions studio tape. March/April 1981
Bonus: Clover Recorders studio tape April/May 1981.
Shot Of Love outtakes. * Live in the studio.

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Dandelion   /   DL 105


7-8 stars   bonus: 9-10 stars
Bob's Boots ref  #

 Bonus Review:
The bonus tracks are releasable quality. Much better than the proceeding tunes. Mystery Train is a nice rendition of the classic Sam Phillips tune with the sound and feel of the Shot of Love tunes. The outtakes are slightly more laid back, and less angry sounding than the released versions. There seems to be a better flow of the vocals. All are at least as good as the official versions.
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