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Blood On The Tapes
source: Pirated tracks & Test pressing

If You See Her Say Hello
Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts
Call Letter Blues
Idiot Wind
Tangled Up In Blue
You're A Big Girl Now
Shelter From the Storm
If You See Her Say Hello
Tangled Up In Blue
Up To Me
Idiot Wind
I have mixed feelings about this title. While the quality is incredible, it stems from the fact that half of the tracks are official releases. Therefore, this is partly a pirate CD. With no indication of this fact on the back, the unwary buyer might feel slighted to find he has purchased several tracks that he already owns. strongly opposes pirate recordings, but the idea here is to give the listener the feel of the original recordings, and how they would have sounded in context. The official tracks were not recorded from a test pressing, but directly from the CD release of Bootleg Vol. 3 (Except You're A Big Girl Now from Biograph). Call Letter was recorded during these sessions, but it was an outtake that never appeared on a test press. The four unreleased tracks are from the original test pressing of the A&R studios recordings. They are slightly lower sound quality than the official tracks, though not so much as to keep them from being an enjoyable listen. The most vinyl noise is to be heard on Idiot Wind. The others are fairly quiet. The package is a well done take-off of CBS and the released version of the LP. All of that being said, the reason behind the title is to compile the original BOTT NY recordings and outtakes in one place for a unique listening experience of what could have been the BOTT LP. The unreleased tracks have traded for quite some time, and have been released on other titles. It would not be too difficult to create this listening experience on your own, using the official titles. It is worth the time and effort, however you decide to own the compilation.
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Source / Venue:
CBS A&R Studios, New York, NY   September 1974

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Columbus   /   COL 2-1070


10 stars

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© 2000 Craig Pinkerton /
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© 2000 CD Pinkerton /