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Best Of Basement Tapes
source: Basement Tapes

Disc one
I Shall Be Released 
Baby, Won't You Be My Baby 
Lo and Behold #2 
People Get Ready 
Tears of Rage #2 
Get Your Rocks Off 
Please Mrs. Henry 
One Mans Loss (another man's gain) 
Open the Door, Homer #1 
All You Have to do is Dream 
The mighty Quinn 
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere #1 
Bonnie Ship the Diamond 
I Don't Hurt Anymore 
Nothing was Delivered #2 
I'm Not There (1956) 
Under Control 
Crash on the Levee #2 
Baby Ain't That Fine 
Yea, Heavy and a Bottle of Bread #2 
Don't You Try Me Now 
See That My Grave is Kept Clean 
This Wheel's on Fire 
Disc two
Million Dollar Bash #2 
Big River #2 
Belshazar #2 
Folsom Prison Blues 
Apple Suckling Tree #2 
Big Dog won't You Please Come Home 
Quit Kickin' My Dog Around 
Going to Acapulco 
Next Time on the Highway 
Flight of the Bumble Bee 
Odds and Ends #2 
Gimme Another Bourbon Street 
One for my Baby (and one more for the road) 
Tiny Montgomery 
Hills of Mexico 
Cool Water 
Clothesline Saga 
Silent Weekend 
Don't Ya Tell Henry 
I'm a Fool For You 
Too Much of Nothing #2 
I'm alright 
You Ain't Going Nowhere #2 
Sign on the Cross

This Japanese package is a great 2 CD compilation for those who would like a taste of the special stash, but are not hungry enough for the four course meal. Captured are some of the better highlights of the massive Basement Tape collection. Partly mono, some stereo. Alongside the official 2 CD release, this is all the documentation that many fans will require. The package is very nicely done in a classy sepia tone. Great photos help to make this one a real treasure.
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Source / Venue:
Basement Tapes

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Darkside Productions / DP005 1/2


8 stars

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