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Critics Choice Vol 4
source: Never Ending Tour

(1) Lakes Of Pontchartrain
(2) Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest
     Ballad Of Hollis Brown
(3) Silvio
     Clean Cut Kid
     Wild Mountain Thyme
(4) Watching The River Flow
     Two Soldiers
     Tomorrow Is A Long Time
(5) Give My Love To Rose
     San Francisco Bay Blues
(6) Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
(7) Every Grain Of Sand
The first problem I have with this piece is that there is no information as to venues, etc. The venues have been calculated at right
The tracks on this set are in fairly good quality, (some better than others)... though this series is starting to run a bit thin. This is not a series that I would highly recommend. I liken it to a 'Greatest hits' CD. Nice enough, but I would as soon listen to a full show.
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Source / Venue:
(1) Muny, St. Louis, MO June 16, 1988
(2) Alpine Valley Theater, East Troy, WI 6/17/88
(3) Riverbend Center, Cincinnati, OH, June 22, '88
(4) Performing Arts, Saratoga Springs, NY 6/26/88
(5) Finger Lakes, Canandaigua, NY,  June 27, 1988
(6) Jones Beach Theater, Wantaugh, NY 6/30/88
(7) undetermined (probably July 28 or August 2, 1988)
Dates provided by Bill Clinton

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Wanted Man   /  WMM 055

Released:     1994
Quality:  6-8 stars
Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-c31

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