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Deeds Of Mercy
source: Oh Mercy outtakes

Shooting Star
God Knows I
God Knows II
What Good Am I?
Most of The Time I
Everything Is Broken
Political World
Born In Time
Shooting Star
Disease Of Conceit
Ring Them Bells
Most Of The Time II
What Was It You Wanted?
Series Of Dreams   I
Series Of Dreams  II
Series Of Dreams III

Thanks to Steve Olsen for scans

This is part of a series of 're-releases' or 'bootlegs of bootlegs' that this Label has recently issued. The discs themselves are CD-rs, with beautiful custom photo labels. It's a wonderful set. If you are an  'Oh Mercy', and/or studio outtake material fan, this one is not to be missed. There is a tape hiss from this 2nd generation mix console recording. It has been suggested that it was recorded 'through the air' with an open mic. If this is the case, however, it is a super clean recording, save for the hiss, that sounds like a board recording. Don't let this minor white noise problem hinder your enjoyment of this newly re-released material. The package photos, title, and aesthetics, were taken from the 1996 CD.
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Source / Venue:
Studio On The Move, New Orleans, LA March 1989

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Original Masters Revisited   /   OMR 010 (0010)

Released:    2001
Quality:    8 stars
Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-d13R

If your ears are sensitive to white noise, there is a release entitled Ring Them Bells that goes most of the way in removing it. However, the slightly different tracks and processed sound make it hard to rate either disc as 'better' than the other.
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