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Dr Zimmerman's Original Old Time Hootenanny  AKA:  Who You Really Are
source: Various early 60s venues

Quest TV:
The Times
Bob Dylan's Dream
Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
Girl Of The North Country
Hard Rain
Live with Joan Baez:
Troubled And I Don't Know Why
Blowin' In The Wind (incomplete)
Minnesota Hotel Tape:
If I had Wings
Living The Blues
In The Evening
Long John
Banjo Tape:
Who You Really Are
Bob Dylan's Dream
All Over You
Keep Your Hands Off Her (Leadbelly)
Used To Do (Honey Babe)
Going Back To Rome
Before it was most rudely suggested that this Label cease production, they were responsible for some classic titles with elaborate packaging. This Dylan release is no exception, as far as nice packaging is concerned. The only problem is the incorrect listing of the sources of the material. The disc is titled "Who You Really Are" to avoid the Zimmerman reference to inquisitive eyes. The sound quality is ok, but it can be forgiven somewhat because of the early material. What is less forgivable is the fact that there are only four tracks on this disc. Each track contains various numbers of songs from a particular venue. While you can switch between the venues, you cannot switch between the songs. (Each block must be listened to in its entirety, or fast forwarded through). Though the songs are relatively rare, the venues have little in common with one another.
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Source / Venue:
Quest TV, Toronto, Ontario  February 1, 1964
Live with Joan Baez *
Minnesota Hotel Tape, Minneapolis, Dec. 22, 1961
Banjo Tape (Listed as "Turner's Basement")
Long thought to have come from a basement home recording by Gill Turner, it is now thought to have been recorded on February 8, 1963 at Folk City. Happy Traum sings harmony and plays the banjo (from whence the recording derived its' name). Gill Turner provides harmony on the final track.

* The package only lists this as "Live with Joan Baez 1964". It's actually a guest appearance that Bob made at Joan's concert at New York City's Forest Hills Tennis Stadium on August 17, 1963
Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Archive Productions  / AP 89003
Thanks to Gordon Darroch for scans
6-7 stars

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