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Moving Violation
source: Rundown Studios 1978

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
The Times
If You See Her Say Hello
I Don't Believe You
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
You're A Big Girl Now
Simple Twist Of Fate
If You See Her Say Hello
I Don't Believe You
I Threw It All Away
We Better Talk This Over / Coming from The Heart (The Road is Longlyrics
Maggie's Farm
Repossession Blues (Roland James)
Girl Of The North Country
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

This is not the very best of sound qualities by the standards of today, but it is definitely enjoyable. It is only very slightly muffled in the upper range, and an EQ can adjust for that nicely. It is also a very interesting behind-the-scenes rehearsals for the 1978 tour. The CD itself is of interest to collectors for its intrinsic value. It's among the earlier CD releases, and one of the first from a non-vinyl source. Plus, this series marks the CD debut from the major USA producer of vinyl bootleg LPs.... TMOQ-2. The insert is printed on the same cardboard stock that TMQ used for the LP covers, and are therefore very thick. The title has no meaning for this release. It's a throwback to a boot Dylan LP from a decade earlier that was named after the final Jackson 5 LP. The better title would be Coming From The Heart. Dylan puts himself into the rehearsal, but more importantly, we get to hear a full minute of this beautiful Dylan song. Not only did Condor miss the boat on the title, they don't even list it or We Better Talk This Over on the package! Two of the best songs on the disc! Another highlight is a heavily blused out You're A Big Girl Now, and a sweet acapella ending of Knockin' On Heaven's Door.
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Ins (b)
Source / Venue:
Rundown Studios, Santa Monica, CA
Jan.30, 1978 and Feb.01, 1978

Manufacturer / Catalog No.

Condor-Toasted  /  1966 

7 stars

Bob's Boots ref

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Billy Cross - guitar
Steve Soles - guitar
Alan Pasqua piano & organ
Rob Stoner - bass
Ian Wallace - drums
Dave Mansfield - steel and violin
Andy Stein - saxophone
Eisenberg, Segal, and Gibson- b. vocals

Of Interest:
Dylan spent the final week of January 1978 rehearsing in California for the Far East tour that yielded At Budokan. It was recorded live at the Tokyo venue on two different nights, one in February and one in March. In April, Cheap Trick recorded at the venue. They called their release Live at Budokan. This LP would introduce them to the American market and International stardom. While American critics loved the Cheap Trick release, they panned Dylan's as too "Las Vegas". Of course, in retrospect, it has not only held up to the march of time, but became a favorite Dylan release to many.
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