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Never Ending Phenomenon
source: USANA Amphitheatre

Disc one
Stuck Inside Of Mobile [Bp / La]
I'll Remember You [Bp / Lps]
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum [Bp]
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue(a)[Bp/h /L ps]
Things Have Changed [Bp]
Highway 61 Revisited [Bp]
Blind Willie McTell [Bp / Lc]
The Wicked Messenger [Bp/h]
My Back Pages (a) [Bp/h  / Lc]
I Believe In You [Bp]
Disc two
Dignity [Bp]
Honest With Me [Bp / Ls]
Moonlight  [Bp / Tab]
Summer Days [Bp / Tab]
Like A Rolling Stone [Bp]
All Along The Watchtower [Bp/h]
Love Minus Zero/No Limit [Bp/h  /  Lps]
Mr. Tambourine Man (a) [Bp/h]
This Wheel's On Fire [Bp/h]
This release is an example of TMR being careless with regards to the  material it chooses to release. As an obsessive completeist, I don't mind... but many become bored when a label turns nearly every show to silver. The vocals are clear and close. The problem doesn't lie with TMR's audience recording, but with Dylan's lackluster performance. There is a flatness throughout the show, and everything just sounds sort of ordinary and stale. Dylan, as usual, moans out an exceptional Blind Willie and does a nice job on a tweaked My Back Pages. His harp playing is very good by Dylan standards. Other than that, he seems to have fallen prey to his rigorous schedule. The filler is a disaster. The recording is on the thin side and enmeshed in crowd noise. Bob dismembers Love Minus Zero. Stumbling so hard for the lyrics that he remains mute through several verses... he still returns on the wrong stanzas. The otherwise listenable harp solo is slightly affected by an obnoxious fan. Unless one is on fire, how one can talk through a song like that is beyond me. Anyway, as many recordings as TMR acquires, it's hard for me to believe that there wasn't better bonus material to choose from. The aesthetics are fantastic on this package. Bright clean white letters spell out an appropriate title matching Dylan's cowboy hat. A photo of the phenom's face, exhausted with a dried lather, and revealing every pock and stubble; serves as front cover. The inner rear sleeve is blank (a negative) but the track listing is printed in a distinct orange font and goes great against the white backdrop. I believe some of the photos are taken from the actual show, a nod to TMR. There is no question that this show is worth a listen, but many might prefer to do it on cdr.
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© 2004 Keith Schweiger / CD Pinkerton / bobsboots.com
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Source / Venue:
West Valley City, Utah July 17, 2003
Bonus tracks:  Darien Center, New York August 8, 2003

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Tambourine Man / TMR-066/067


7½ stars

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(a) - acoustic
[Bh] -Bob on harp
[Bp] -Bob on piano
[La] -Larry on acoustic guitar
[Lc] -Larry on cittern
[Lps]-Larry on pedal steel
[Tab]-Tony on acoustic upright bass
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Thanks to Keith Schweiger for scans & review

© 2004 CD Pinkerton / bobsboots.com