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Phantoms of My Youth
source: 1974 Dylan / Band tour

Disc one:
Hero Blues 1/03
Most Likely You Go Your Way 1/31e
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 1/14a
Lay Lady Lay 1/31e
It Takes a Lot to Laugh 1/09
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 1/14a
Tough Mama 1/06a
It Ain't Me Babe 1/31e
As I Went Out One Morning 1/10
I Don't Believe You 1/14a
One Too Many Mornings 1/16
Ballad Of A Thin Man 1/31e
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 1/21
All Along The Watchtower 1/14a
Mr. Tambourine Man 2/14e
Ballad Of Hollis Brown 1/31a
Knockin' On Heaven's Door 1/14a
Disc two:
The Times 1/31a
Blowin' In The Wind 1/12
Song To Woody 1/06e
4th Time Around 1/23
Don't Think Twice 1/14a
Visions of Johanna 2/06a
Wedding Song 2/09e
Girl Of The North Country 1/07
She Belongs To Me 2/14a
Gates Of Eden 1/031e
Hard Rain 2/04a
To Ramona 1/06a
It's All Over Now Baby Blue 2/14a
Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll 2/09a
Mama You Been On My Mind 1/06a
Disc three:
Just Like A Woman 1/14a
Desolation Row 2/04a
Nobody 'Cept You 1/07
Love Minus Zero 1/10
Mr. Tambourine Man 1/06e
It's Alright Ma 1/31e
Forever Young 2/11a
Something There Is About You 1/28
Highway 61 Revisited 2/09e
Like A Rolling Stone 2/11a
Most Likely You Go... (reprise) 1/28
Maggie's Farm 2/11a
Blowin' In The Wind 2/14e
© 2006 CD Pinkerton / bobsboots.com
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Phantoms of My Youth 1995 issue

Thanks to Keith Schweiger for scans

Review:  by:  Keith Schweiger
This title is a re-issue of Capricorn's 1995 release. Re-issues are fine, and can be very welcome... especially to those who might have missed the first go-around batch.  However, they need to meet a certain criteria, and should ultimately be held to a higher standard in respect to packaging and / or sound quality. The latter, obviously, can be a difficult and often times impossible undertaking, and nobody is faulting the manufacturer here for using identical sources.  (cond.)
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Source / Venue:
The song venues are identified by date mm/dd
a - Afternoon show / e - Evening show
1/03 - Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL
1/06 - The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
1/07 - The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
1/09 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Ontario
1/10 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Ontario
1/12 - Forum de Montreal, Quebec
1/14 - Boston Gardens, MA
1/16 - Capitol Center, Largo, MD
1/21 - The Omni - Atlanta, GA
1/23 - Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN
1/28 - Nassau County Coliseum, NY
1/31 - Madison Square Garden, NY
2/04 - Missouri Arena, St. Louis, MO
2/06 - The Coliseum, Denver, CO
2/09 - The Coliseum, Seattle WA
2/11 - The Coliseum, Oakland, CA
2/14 - The Forum, Inglewood, CA

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
THINMAN        /     28/29/30

Released: Fall 2006

5-8 stars   (average 7½ stars)

Bob's Boots ref  # 

Review:  (cont.)
The task to improve aesthetics is an easier exploit to obtain. Thinman does use rare and stunning photos that make for an elegant release, and render a very cohesive looking three CD set. Where they can be faulted is their lack of effort with the discs themselves. The blank, generic looking discs is an inherent obstacle with this label. As their discs do not even mention Dylan, perhaps they have the need for their CDs to remain generic and anonymous to their pressing plant. Another possibility of improvement could have been a small info/photo booklet to accompany the discs in the double thick case to add more substance. But let's not lose sight of the things done well. They made an intelligent choice in picking this title to re-issue. It's unique, not very prevalent and an interesting representation of the '74 tour.  And again, the photos are outstanding along with clean font and correct date and venue information. (Capricorn neglected to site the times and places of the material) The opinion here is that re-issues should outdo their predecessor. This perhaps was accomplished, but not quite to the level one would have hoped.
© 2006 Keith Schweiger / bobsboots.com
© 2006 CD Pinkerton / bobsboots.com