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Recovered Treasure
source:  Travelling Wilburys outtakes

Handle With Care (basic trax)
Dirty World (alternate take/vocals)
Rattled (alternate version)
Last Night (early basic trax)
Congratulations (basic trax)
Heading For The Light (instrumental)
End Of The Line (alternate take/vocals)
Maxine (outtake)
Inside Out (early take)
Where Were You Last Night? (alternate mix)
You Took My Breath Away (alternate take)
If You Belonged To Me (rough mix)
Poor House (rough mix)
She's My Baby (alternate take)
The Devils' Been Busy (alternate take)
Like A Ship (outtake)
Wilbury Twist (early mix minus overdubs)
Seven Deadly Sins (early take)
New Blue Moon  (rough mix)
Cool Dry Place  (early mix)
Runaway (Del Shannon) (rough mix)
Wilbury commercial
Seven Deadly Sins (studio plabk w/ sing-along)
Stormy Weather (studio plabk w/ Olivia comments) Like A Ship(studio playback w/ dubs)
Fish And Chips (comments from George)

This Japanese release from the Beatles specialist Label "Voxx",  presents the outtakes, early mixes, and demos from both of the Travelling Wilburys albums from 1988 and 1990 respectively. The 'Volume 3' portion of the cd is reportedly the first ever direct digital transfer from a Warners in-house tape. Certainly, the overall sound quality is better than all previous CD releases of the same material. As a bonus, the last five tracks, which include a Wilburys promotional radio slot and a recording of George Harrison fooling around, are new to CD. The music is  great throughout, and a pleasure to listen to. A nice companion to the official Wilbury discs. The packaging is simple, but smart and effective;  including an accurate and amusing essay on the history of the Wiburys 
printed on the inner sleeve. 
© 2002 Mike McGarr  Edited by CD Pinkerton
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Travelling Wilburys vol 1&3 outtakes and rough mixes

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Voxx    /     0011-01


9 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #

Thanks to Mike McGarr for scans, info, and review

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