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Rehearsal for "MTV Unplugged"
source:  Nov. 17, 1994

I Want You
Tombstone Blues
Tombstone Blues
Tombstone Blues
I Want You
Don't Think Twice
Desolation Row
Everything Is Broken
The Times 
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
With God On Our Side

An excellent soundboard recording, taken from the video which began to circulate shortly beforehand. The performances (being rehearsals), are not as polished as the final 'unplugged' broadcast. Dylan fluffs many lyrics, and there's quite a bit of  down-time between songs, when instruments are tuned and things are worked out. But, there are some great moments there too - in particular the second take of I Want You (track 5) where we are treated to an accidental solo acoustic guitar - drums, and vocals performance after what appears to be a partial power cut. The talk between songs is interesting as well. You get to hear Dylan and the band working out various arrangements. The rendition of Hazel features a rather ragged harmonica solo, which was later omitted from the final arrangement. Dylan answers the question from a band member "One bridge or two?" with "I don't know, we'll decide that later... what about no harmonica solo?" Perhaps not an essential release, but a fascinating addition to the official MTV Unplugged release and the Completely Unplugged CD. There is also a very similar Wild Wolf release entitled Afternoon Acoustic that features one more track than this Rattlesnake disc.
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Sony Music Studios, New York City, Nov. 17, 1994

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Rattlesnake  /  047 

8-9 stars

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