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Thank You Ev'rybody
source:  Beacon Theatre, NY 1990

(1) Trail Of The Buffalo (Trad. Guthrie arr.)
(2) John Brown
(3) One Too Many Mornings
     Two Soldiers (Trad.)
(4) Man Of Constant Sorrow (Trad. Dylan arr.)
     It's All Over Now Baby Blue
     Hard Rain
(5) Gates Of Eden
     Desolation Row
(6) Dark As A Dungeon  (Merle Travis)
     She Belongs To Me
     It's Alright Ma
     Love Minus Zero
     It Ain't Me Babe

This CD has good intentions. Namely, to capture the acoustic highlights of the 1990 Beacon residency. And what highlights they are. Dylan performs some great versions of traditional songs, and powerful renditions of his own acoustic tomes. Unfortunately, this package falls a little short. The sound is distant at times, and muffled throughout. The vocals fare worse than the guitar, that tends to ring through on occasion. Moving the disc from the computer to a large speaker, home stereo helps somewhat. EQ'ing can bring the vocals a little clearer, but it raises the ever prevalent tape hiss. The package is fair. The only images are front and back inserts printed one side on cheap, matte finish paper. There is only one spine printed, and it's upside down. All the earmarks of a first time manufacturer. The best solution here is to acquire this one on CDr.
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(1) Eisenhower Hall, West Point, NY Oct. 13, 1990
All other tracks are from Beacon Theatre, NY, NY
(2) October 15, 1990
(3) October 16, 1990
(4) October 17, 1990
(5) October 18, 1990
(6) October 19, 1990
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Manufacturer / Catalog No.
New York State Record Co / YDCD 202 
© 2002 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
Dec. 1990
© 2002 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
5-6 stars
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