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Alias EP
source: Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid sndtrk.

Side one: 
Billy No. 1 
Instrumental and Vocals 
Billy No. 2 
Billy No. 3

Side two: 
Knockin' On Heaven's Door 
River Theme 
Final Theme 
Billy No. 4

First released along with the gaslight tapes (69 A), this EP was then to be found alone, with a white cover and a slightly different insert (69B).  This EP is a selection of music from the "Real" soundtrack of the film "Pat Garrett and Billy the kid".  It is not very well known that the Columbia soundtrack is entirely (even if slightly) different from the music used for the screen.  This is quite remarkable and seems to indicate that Dylan wished to re-record most of the tracks for the record.  The last "Billy" ( No. 4) is complete and features Dylan almost alone on guitar.  All other tracks are partial or incomplete (like in the film mostly).  Also "Knocking on heaven's door" is from the film, and different from the album.  Quality is medium or fairly good 
                                     D. Roques
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This 1973 EP  was originally issued on the Mogul-CBM music Label along with the LP Gaslight tapes as a package set (69A).  Later it became individually available with a slightly different sleeve (69B)

The dust jackets were black print on white sleeves.
The labels were full printed blue with red type.

The Gaslight LP insert that was included with this release is slightly smaller than the one that is with the single release LP. Compare the two HERE

6 stars   69A NMP60   69B NMP50
gwa67 (Original release package w/LP) NMP175

Matrix: WEC 3812 A/B

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