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at the Aisle of Wight
source: Various 
Side one: 

Get Back
When you walk
Let it be
On our way home
Don't let me down
Got a feelin'
Don't keep me waiting

Side two: 
Blah blah song
Ballad of John & Yoko
Across the universe
I threw it all away
Maggie's farm
Rocks & gravel


Thanks to Harvey Kornhaber for info

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Front Cover
Full size insert
Mainly a Beatles LP, these extremely rare Rainbow Productions  LPs are in high demand by Beatles collectors. Because of the cross collectible nature of the album, the few existing copies are made that much more rare. The cover is an 8½"x11" tan collage insert. The labels are blank white. The choice of titles is an odd one. Why the Dylan related title when this is primarily a Beatles piece is a mystery. In fact, the combination of the two artists (which, as a rule of thumb, are not cross collected by their respective fans) is an oddity in itself.  At that, there are only two tracks from the Isle of Wight. 'Rocks & gravel' is the 'Freewheelin' outtake from Columbia Studios, NY Nov. 14, 1962. It is unclear if the manufacturer used the wrong word 'Aisle' (as in a small pathway) as a mistake, or as some type of inside joke.

8 stars     NMP250

Matrix: MY- 1/2

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