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Basement Tapes Vol.1
source: Big Pink recordings
Side one: 

All you have to do is dream 
I can't make it alone 
I'm  Not there 
Get your rocks off 
Down on me 

Side two: 
Bonnie ship the diamond 
He's  young, but he's daily growing 
Open the door, Richard 
One man's loss 

Side three: 
You say you love me No. 1 
Garth on piano 
You say you love me No. 2 

Side four: 
The hills of Mexico 
One for the road 
I'm all right 
One single river 
I shall be released
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Front Cover
Back Cover
One of two deluxe two LP packages released in 1986. 
Along with Vol. 2, this makes a four LP package. 
Full printed label. 
Surprise Label. 

These guys always did a fantastic job. 
They released mainly Beatles LP's on the NEMS Label , but were responsible for many more incredible pieces. 

This is no exception.  One of the few boots in existence to have a full write-up of the album on the back cover 

9-10 stars        NMP50 

Matrix:  BD  1967 (A-D)

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