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Basement Tapes Vol.2
source: Big pink recordings 

Side five: 
Try me little girl 
I don't hurt anymore 
People get ready 
Too much of nothing 

Side six: 
 Baby ain't that fine 
A night without sleep 
A fool such as I 
Gonna get you now 
Apple suckling tree 
Stones that you throw 

Side seven: 
Be my baby 
I got you Babe 
Sonny boy 

Side eight: 
Sign on the cross 
Lock your door 
Baby, won't you let me be your baby 
Don't you try me now 
All you have to do is dream No. 2
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Front Cover
LP Label
Back Cover
One of two deluxe two LP packages released in 1986.
Along with Vol. 1, this makes a four LP package.
Full printed label. 
Surprise Label. 

These guys always did a fantastic job. 
They released mainly Beatles LP's on the NEMS Label ,but were responsible for many more incredible pieces. 

This is no exception.  One of the few boots in existence to have a full write-up of the album on the back cover 

9-10 stars       NMP50

Matrix:  BD  1967 (E-H) 

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