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Bob Dylan and his band 
I Morgen 
source: Denmark 6/10/84
Side one: 

All along the watchtower 
I & I 
Just like a woman 
The title of  piece is rather ambiguous.
It is refered to most usually as "I Morgen";
but also as...

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Idraets Parken
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Front Cover
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European piece from 1984 (says 'Printed in USA') 

The source is Idraets Parken Copenhagen, Denmark 
Insert credits Miw Records, DR Productions, and Deluxe Promotions 

There are only three songs.  The B side of the LP is blank. While the cover photo is a nice shot, it's kind of a cheesy black and white Xerox.  The label is blank.  The field recording is OK, but not great.
This LP represents the dark side of bootlegging. 

5 stars     NMP30

Matrix:  DS 78

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