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Bob Dylan & the Band live
(In 1966 There Was Cover)
source: The 'RAH' concert

Side one: 
Tell me Mama 
I don't believe you 
Baby let me follow you down 
Just like Tom thumb's blues 
Leopard skin pill box hat 
One too many mornings 

Side two: 
 Ballad of a thin man 
Like a rolling stone 

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Bob Dylan & the Band live
This is possibly the third USA release of the tape, although further investigation is pending. According to Hot Wacks and Heylin this LP was released in 1971 
Start at the beginning of the Albert Hall tour 

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This oddity is a 1971 cover of  'In 1966 There Was'  containing an LP produced from an entirely different plate. It has a completely different configuration of six songs on side A, and two on side B.There is still confusion on this rare piece. The manufacturer is not known. Nor is it know if a unique cover was ever created for this uniquely configured LP. The label is the large 1/2. The vinyl is purple. The cover is the same as 'In 1966 There was'.  The matrix is 'LIVE'. 

Both Hot Wacks and Clinton Heylin refer to an LP by the title of 'Bob Dylan and the Band Live' on the LIVE music Label with the 'LIVE' matrix . 
Even though that title doesn't appear anywhere on this package, there is speculation that this LP,  with it's unique configuration,  is one of the sources of their claim. So far, however, there is no known Label that went by the name 'LIVE' and no known cover expressly created for this  '6 & 2' format. 

Now, the plot thickens a little more. There actually is a 'RAH'  LP by the title Bob Dylan and the Band Live

7 stars     NMP200 

(Not in gwa)
Matrix: LIVE A/B 

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