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Bootleg Series Vol. 4
source: Oh Mercy outtakes
Side one: 

Political world
Everything is broken
Most of the time
What good am I?
What was it you wanted
Side two: 
Shooting star
God Knows
Born in time
Desolation row*


Thanks to Ramblin' Man for scans


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One of the final vinyl bootlegs to appear was this mid 1991 European title that came out shortly after the release of the official LP 'Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3'. It has a simple black and white cover, black vinyl, and orange,  full printed 'Tom Durfee' labels.
The material was recorded at Studio On The Move, New Orleans, LA March & April of 1989. The tracks are alternate takes of the songs that appeared on 'Oh Mercy'. One unreleased song, 'Dignity', has since been released on 1994's 'Greatest Hits 3'. The other two, 'God Knows' and 'Born in time', would be re-recorded and released on 'UTRS'.
*The date for the final track is wrongly listed as Feb 2 on the cover. This track is from the Hammersmith show, London, Feb. 12, 1991.

8 stars       NMP45

Matrix:   LOR-100 A/B 

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