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Ceremonies of the Horsemen 
source: Witmark demos
Side one: 

Only a hobo 
All over you 
Boots of Spanish leather 
Girl of  the north country 
Bob Dylan's dream 
I shall be free 
Tomorrow is a long time 

Side two: 
Hero blues 
Don't think twice 
Oxford town 
Ballad of Hollis Brown 
Blowin' in the wind 
When the ship comes in 
The Times 

Special thanks to Gavin  for LP  photos

Cover Photo:
On August 27 of 1964, Daniel Kramer went to the home of Dylan's manager Albert Grossman for his first ever photo shoot with Dylan. Bob was being a bit moody and delaying the shoot. This unposed photo began the day. Cropped from the photo is a bikini clad Sally Grossman.

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Front Cover

This is the 1983 re-issue of the great 1974 HHCER release of the same name (with spelling corrections). 
Released by TMOQ-2, they use the odd 'GLC' label. This is a generic label. The abbreviation stands for 'Great Live Concerts'. Of course, the Witmark material contained here is not at all a live concert. 
Like its' predecessor, this is great material in a fairly simple package.  It is pressed from the same plates as the original, and is; of course, the same quality.
TMOQ uses an all new green on light grey insert of a great looking cover photo alongside track list and the 'Pig Daddy' logo to complete this package. As the matrix is the same HHCER 107, TMQ uses this as their catalog number. The title is the correct spelling of the original working title of  "Planet Waves". 

8 stars     NMP65

Matrix: HIGHWAY HIGH FI 107 - A/B 

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