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Changin'  45 's
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Side one
 Kingsport town 
Side two
 Watcha gonna do 

Elf 90 

Side one: 
  Mr. tambourine Man 
Side two: 
  If you gotta go, go now 

Don't think twice, it's alright is listed on the sleeve but does not appear on the record 

Elf 91 

Side one:
  Don't think twice, it's alright 
Side two:
  Rio Peco's blues (Not Dylan) 

The sleeve lists two songs that don't appear on the record 

Elf 92 

Side one: 
  Sign on the cross 
Side two: 
  Just like a woman 

Sleeve doesn't list just like a woman, but incorrectly lists Rio Pecos blues 

Elf 93 

Side one: 
  Tell me Mama 
Side two:
  Buckets of rain 

More incorrect information on the sleeve 

Elf 94 
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Note: The 1983 Changin' 45's  on the Elf Label out of Europe are all recorded with fairly good sound and rate 4-7 stars.  However,  they were notorious for bad cover information.  All were issued with a black & red on white insert that listed the information, black viny;  and different colored labels that have a picture of an elf, Ref. # and inaccurate song titles. 

Changin' 1:'Freewheelin' session Dec 6, 1962 

Changin' 2: a) Witmark demo summer '64 
                  b) Levy's studio, London 5-12-65 

Changin' 3: a) New Castle City Hall  May 6, '65 
                  b) instrumental from Pat Garrett and 
                                 Billy the kid sessions 2/73 

Changin' 4: a) Basement tape ' 67 
                  b) Melbourne 4-19-66 

Changin' 5: a) Dwarf demo  live '66
                  b)Bette Midler sessions outtake 10/75 
                  & 'Last Waltz' San Fran. 11/25/76 

4-7 stars      NMP50 entire set

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