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Church With No Upstairs
source: outtakes

Side one: 
White Christmas* 
Hero blues 

Side two: 
It takes a lot  to laugh 
Sitting on a barbed wire fence 

Side three: 
Visions of Johanna 

Side four: 
She's your  lover now 

From the rare "Goldmine" acetates, these newly discovered studio alternates are from the original '61 to '63 studio sessions except for: 
* This is not Dylan, but a very believable sounding parody of him.
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Thanks to Bart van den Hoogenhoff  for scans
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 EP 1
EP 2
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Chamelion (a misspelling of "Chameleon") Records, the European manufacturer, say that only 500 hand numbered copies were released of this relatively rare 1982 EP set. Actually, there were 1000 sets pressed; but only 500 were released in sleeve 'A', a brown, folded cardboard sleeve with a 1962 photo. The full printed Chamelion labels read: 'Made in France'. The two EPs are in the 45 spindle format, but play at 331/3  rpm. The 500 remainder EP sets were released with this folded paper sleeve 'B', with a live 1981 concert rendering. The bottom of the folded front reads: 'Robby Zimmermann' they were also hand numbered 1 through 500. There are various misspellings throughout the set, including "Visions of Johama".
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