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Clean Cuts
source: studio outtakes
Side one: 

Seven days 
Clean cut kid 
Julius and Ethel 
Foot of Pride 
Someone's gotta hold of my heart 
Union sundown 

Side two: 
Yonder comes Sin 
Need a woman 
Blind Willie McTell 
Tell me 
Lord, protect my child
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A rare 1985 German picture disc.  Only 300 copies were manufactured by Good Idea.  This is a re-release of the LP Clean Cuts

As with all picture discs, this one is made primarily for a collectible item and not for constant play.  It does contain even as of yet, un-released versions. 
A beautiful disc, but the sound quality suffers somewhat 
(Although speed problems on side 2 have been corrected, as the side was remastered for the pic disc) 

4-7 stars      NMP65 

Matrix: GIR 883/083 

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