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Chicago '63
source: Bear club '63

Side one: 
Honey, just allow me one more chance 
Talkin' John Birch society blues 
Bob Dylan's dream 
Ballad of Hollis Brown 

Side two: 
Talkin' World War III  blues
Hard rain 
With God on our side 
Rocks and Gravel* 

All songs are from the Bear Club, 
Chicago  April 25th 1963 except: 
*Gerdes Folk City, NY spring 1962 

Special thanks to  Gavin  for photos of this LP
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Front Cover
Back Cover
Another incredible piece on the  European Label 
GWW Productions Ltd.. 
Front and back cover contain the same nice looking black and white profile photo from the show. 
This 1986 release has a deluxe, slick, black and white jacket, the standard GWW 'Dylan in scarf' drawing label, and an incredible looking yellow based multi-color splatter vinyl. 

9 stars      NMP50splater  BlackNMP50 

Matrix: GWW 463 A/B

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