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Dark as a Dungeon
source: Canada 12/1/75 

Side one: 
When I paint my masterpiece 
It ain't me, Babe 
Lonesome death of Hattie Carroll 
Tonight I'll be staying here with you 

Side two: 
It takes a lot to laugh 
Romance in Durango 
The Times 
Dark as a dungeon 

Side three: 
Never let me go 
I dreamed I saw St. Augustine 
I shall be released 
Its all over now, Baby Blue 
Love - 0/no limit 

Side four: 
Simple twist of fate 
Oh sister 

Side five: 
One more cup of coffee 
Just like a woman 
Knockin' on heaven's door 
This Land is your Land 

Side six: 
Oh sister 
Simple twist of fate 
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Front Cover
Back Cover
Fairly nice looking boxed set.  One-color picture 
Cheesy Xerox insert listing songs 

Good field recording 
The source is Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens 
Dec. 1st 1975 Sides 1-5 
Side 6: "The World Of John Hammond" 
WTTW studios, Chicago, Sept. 10th 1975 

This 1985 set from Germany was first issued on clear vinyl with labels that had a large 1-6 to show each respective side. Only 200 copies were pressed. 
Later in the year it was repressed on color vinyl. 
In 1986 it was again issued, this time on marble vinyl with fake TAKRL labels. (as in photo) 

7 stars      NMP115

Matrix:  BDTO 75

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