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Down In The Flood
source: Infidels outtakes

Side one: 
License to kill 
Man of peace 
Neighborhood bully 

Side two: 
Don't fall apart on me tonight 
Blind Willie McTell 
Sweetheart like you 
I and I 
Foot of pride

Power Station, New York,
April 11-May 8, 1983

In 1991 this LP was recorded onto tape and put out as a CD by the Archivio label.
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Germany's Jokerman Label  released this great, 
but severely limited album in 1984. It had 
a deluxe green and white cover that was used for all releases including the picture disc. 

Only 250 black copies were produced with blank silver or fake TAKRL labels. There were also about 50 each released of blue vinyl & orange vinyl 
50 copies were produced on multicolor vinyl. 
Also released as a picture disc. 

Source is 'Infidels' studio outtakes NY City 1983
Later in the year it was re-issued as 'Outfidels

8-9 stars     NMP50-blk  Color70  MCV75   PD100 

Matrix: M 71 A/B 

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