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Don't Sing Twice
source: various live gospel rarities

Side one: 
City of Gold
Thief on the Cross 
Coming from the Heart 
I Must Love You Too Much 
Repossession Blues 
Caribbean Wind
All in the Game
Side two: 
Just a Little Bit
No Man Righteous
Couple More Years
Rise Again
Let's Keep it Between Us
Cover Down Breakthrough
Ain't Gonna go to Hell for Nobody
Blessed is the Name
Track # sources:
S1-1   Seattle 11/30/80
S1-2   New Orleans 11/10/81
S1-3   St. Paul 10/31/78
S1-4   New York City 9/29/78
S1-5   Tokyo 2/28/78 
S1-6   Seattle 11/30/80
S1-7   San Francisco 11/12/80
S1-8   New Orleans 11/11/81
S2-1   Milwaukee 10/17/81
S2-2   San Francisco of 11/16/79
S2-3   Portland, Oregon 12/3/80
S2-4   Seattle 11/30/80
S2-5   Portland, Oregon 12/3/80
S2-6   Buffalo 5/1/80
S2-7   San Francisco 11/17/80
S2-8   San Francisco of 11/16/79
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  Blank LP label
Catalog number 12004
Rimbaud / Heat Resistant Records of Germany released this title in 1985. It has a deluxe black and white photo cover with songs listed on back along with a reproduction Dylan autograph. The label is blank white, and the LP has no track seperation. The worst blunder  here is that there is no venues listed. The other problem with this piece is that it is copied from the LP Nearer to the fire, with a few tracks from the LPs of the 'Euro box' set (aka 'History') 
Very rare piece as there were only 200 stamped, numbered copies released on black vinyl. Even more rare, there were initially 22 pieces released on color vinyl.
Later in 1985, this same piece was also re-released as Reverend Dylan.  © 2000 CD Pinkerton - bobsboots.com

 6 stars       NMP50  colorNMP65

Matrix: 1 / 2 (hand scratched)

Thanks to Ivor for LP photos

© 2000 CD Pinkerton - bobsboots.com