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Drunken Minstrels  EP
source: Lone Star Café 1983

Side one: 
Don't mention my name
My friend cocaine
D's blues
Side two: 
Ain't no more cane
Goin' down

Thanks to Bart van den Hoogenhoff for photos

Side A is not Dylan, but an unknown impersonator. This was meant to defraud the boot-buying public. Side B is from the Lone Star Café, NY,  February 16, 1983 with Levon Helm and Rick Danko. There was more material recorded at this venue that could have been used on this release.
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A USA independent Label, Bottle Records, released this odd 7" EP in 1984 as catalog No. BR 1. There were only 200 copies. The package is minimal. A yellow and green, or red and white folded paper insert with a small xerox image of Dylan at the Lone Star Café in 1983. The label is blank blue. There are only two Dylan tracks. (see sources).

 5 stars       NMP30

Matrix:   MM 21 A/B 

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