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Frankie Meets Bobby
source: (See below)
Side one: 

Kingsport town
Watcha gonna do
Mixed-up confusion
Sally gal
Hard rain

Side two: 
Bird of peace
Dead girls of London
Brown shoes
Jumbo, go away
Thanks to Christina Spantidali for photos & info

1 & 2 are from a 1961 Columbia test pressing 
3 & 4 are 1962 studio outtakes 
Track 5 is a 1963 Witmark demo 
Track 6 is an oddity. "Unreleased session with Neil Young, The Band, George Harrison, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Leonard Cohen and The Bee Gees". This one is in fact not a Dylan track, but a Zappa one. Frank and his band mates imitate the voices  of the above artists. 
All Zappa tracks were recorded live in Bruxelles Feb. 21, 1979 at Vorst National
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Front  Cover

This European LP from an unknown Label is an odd combination of two non related, collectible artists who, for the most part, don't have a mutual fan base. It was produced, most likely, in Germany; primarily as a marketing ploy to target both sets of fans. A Limited edition of 50 copies were pressed on various colored vinyl. (five different colors were released). The cover is superimposed to make it appear that Zappa is riding on the back of Dylan's bike.
This is a very rare title due to the severely limited run, and the cross collectible nature.

Matrix Number: ZD 1/2 

8 stars      NMP150

Matrix: ZD 1/2 

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