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Featuring Eric Clapton
source: July 1, 1978
Side one: 

She's love crazy (Tampa Red)
Mr. Tambourine Man
It's all over now, baby blue
Change is gonna come (Sam Cooke) (Carolyn Dennis)
Hard rain
Sooner or later (one of us must know)
Masters of war

Side two: 
Don't think twice
Forever young
I'll be your baby tonight*
The Times*
Blowin' in the wind
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Front  Cover
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This cheesy 1983 German title presents about a third of the 30 song concert from Zeppelinfeld in Nürnberg, West Germany on July 1, 1978. *Two tracks feature Eric Clapton on guitar. The vinyl is black with blank white labels. There were 600 stamped-numbered pieces produced. The front is a cheap looking white cover with an amateurish drawing of two hands. There were also 20 pieces released on colored vinyl.
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7 stars      NMP45     color vinylNMP80
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