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The Gentleman's Club of Spalding Days of '49 source: Various rarities along The 'Never Ending Tour'
Side one: 

Hills of Mexico 
Across the borderline 
I dreamed I saw St. Augustine 
Bob Dylan's 115th dream 
Tears of rage

Side two: 
Hills of Mexico 
Blue eyed Boston boy 
Creole girl 
The wagoner's lad 
Give my love to Rose 
Visions of Johanna
Sources: (In order listed above)
Side One: (All electric)
The Hague 6/10/89
Cujahoja Falls 6/21/88
Mountain View 6/11/88
NYC 10/17/88
Paris 2/1/90
Side Two: (All acoustic)
Holmdel 6/25/88
Saratoga Springs 6/26/88
Atlanta 8/16/88
NYC 10/18/88
Canandaigua 6/28/88
Paris 2/1/90
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Front Cover
Back Cover

Only around 100 copies of this 1990 European title found their way to the USA. This is a fairly nice over all package on the Cookroom-records Label. 
Severely limited to 350 hand numbered copies.
Blank black labels.
Because each song is from a different source, the quality varies widely.

3-8 stars     NMP55

Matrix: GWW A/B

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