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Gentleman's Club of Spalding
Fountain of Fortune
source: 2/8/90 Hammersmith 

Side one: 
Absolutely sweet Marie 
Man in the long black coat 
Positively fourth Street 
Ballad of a thin man 
Pledging my time 
I want you

Side two: 
Political world 
You Angel you 
All along the watchtower 
Boots of Spanish leather 
To Ramona 
She belongs to me 
Mr. tambourine Man

Side three: 
Disease of conceit 
You're a big girl now 
I'll remember you 
Where teardrops fall 
Seeing the real you at last 
Every grain of sand

Side four: 
Rainy Day Women No. 12 and 35 
Like a rolling stone 
It ain't me, Babe 
Blue ridge mountains 
Highway 61 revisited
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Front Cover
Back Cover
This 1990 title is a little cheesy as European pieces go.  The cover is a black and white folder type wraparound.  At least the inner flaps list the song titles with times, and personnel.  The labels are blank. There is no other information on the jacket. 

This piece was limited to 500 copies. 

Fairly good field recording albeit a little muffled and distant sounding.

6 stars      NMP60

Matrix: G W W (A-D)

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