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Gaslight tapes (& Alias)
(Visions through a window)
source: Gaslight & Finjan 

Side one: 
Blowin' in the wind 
Rocks and gravel 
Quit your lowdown 
He was a friend of mine 
Hiram Hubbard 

Side two: 
Hard rain 
Don't think twice 
Black cross 
No more auction block 
Rocks and gravel 
Moonshine blues 

Photo credits:
Photos of this LP by: 
P. A. ten Haaf

This contraband album, undertitled "Visions through a window", was first released together with the alias EP.  It was then released alone, with the same cover (68A) it was reissued in 1976 with various record labels including 'Instant analysis'.  This (68 B) album is exactly the same as (68 A), except the insert on the cover was enlarged. Side one from this album was actually recorded at the Finjan club in Montreal, June 1962 and not at the gaslight; all tracks good quality.  Side two has six songs from the gaslight, fairly good quality, except "Hard rain" (very Poor).  All tracks are much better on "Ode for Barbara Allen".
                                          D. Roques
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Front Cover
This LP, released in 1973 by CBM - Mogul has gone by the misnomer 'Alias' because it was originaly released packaged together with an EP of that name. CBM labels. Insert. This (68 B) album is exactly the same as (68 A), except the insert on the cover was enlarged. To view the differences in the two click HERE
Find out more about the Alias EP.
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Side 1 is Finjan Club, Montreal 6-62 
Side 2 is Gaslight Sept. '62 
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6  stars        NMP65 
gwa67 (Original release package w/EP) NMP175
68A LP NMP120
68B LP NMP65
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Matrix: WEC 3814 
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In 1976 the LP was re-released (gwa68B). One version of this re-release has a brown sleeve with a white CBM insert. (Pressed from original master plates). 
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A second version has a white sleeve with a CBM insert and cartoon on back. Blank labels.
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Several different labels were used on this issue
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