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Halloween Masque
source: Philharmonic Hall 10/31/64

Side one: 
The Times 
Spanish Harlem incident 
Talking John birch paranoid blues 
To Ramona

Side two: 
Gates of Eden
If you gotta go, go now 
It's all right ma (I'm only bleeding) 
I don't believe you 
Who killed Davey Moore ? 

Side three: 
Mr. tambourine Man
A hard rain's-a-gonna fall 
Talking W W WIII blues 
Don't think twice, it's all right 

Side four: 
The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll 
Mama you been on my mind 
With God on our side 
It ain't me Babe 
All I really want to do
By: Peter Stone Brown 
 This show of 10/31/64 
which has been credited as being
 from Carnegie Hall, was actually from the Philharmonic Hall 
(Now known as Avery Fisher Hall)
at Lincoln Center
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Front Cover
Back Cover
This gem was released in 1988.  Although the concert had been booted for many years, this piece is an 
ultimate as far as sound quality.  This is perhaps the 
first time that the show has been released on a good 
press and from the original tapes source. 
Back cover has a great write-up about show.  Full printed labels.Label is fourth Street (but you know how those Labels go)
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10 stars         NMP40 
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Matrix: R A Z 103164
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Trick or treat
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This album, Halloween masque is definitely a domestic piece, and was definitely released in 1988.  The quality is superb.  The album, Halloween mask is definitely an European piece, and was definitely released in 1988.  The quality is superb. Is there that chicken verses eggs story here? I'm sure that there is ... but I don't know it.  Coincidence? I doubt it.  Usually, how these things traditionally go is that an album is released in Europe, and then someone copies it domestically.  In this case, while both pieces are superb, I would almost think that the noise ratio level is a little  higher in The European piece (which could suggest a copy of this domestic title) It is also interesting to note that this domestic piece is titled using the French derived spelling "masque".  The European piece uses the more domesticated spelling "mask"
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