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Historical Archives Vol. 2
source: Finjan club
Side one: 

Rocks and gravel 
Quit your lowdown ways 
He was a friend of mine 
Let me die in my footsteps

Side two: 
Death of Emmett Till 
Hiram Hubbard 
Blowin' in the wind
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 Front Cover
Back Cover
A quasi-legitimate 1983 Italian release from the "Go International" Label that boasts nice, full printed labels. While the front cover is a little weak, the back cover contains a lot of documentation of the songs and concert. Side two actualy is the begining of the performance. It continues on side one, and concludes on companion LP 'Vol.1'  Missing from the 11 song performance is 'Blue Yodel #8' This "Finjan club" recording is from Montreal, Quebec, July 2, 1962. This LP was re-released in Germany in 1985 under the title 'Blowin' in the Wind'
©1999-2001 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
8 stars    NMP35 
© 1999-2001 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
Matrix:  GI LP 2 1/2
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