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Holy Soul and Jelly Roll
source: Record plant studio 71

Side one: 
Vomit express 
Going to San Diego 
Om my soul shalom 
Nurse's song

Side two: 
Jimmy Berman 
Many loves 
Parkhuspate rayhan
Jessore road
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 Front Cover
Back Cover
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This is the 1986 album that can make the very hardest of the hard-core Dylan  fan cry uncle.  What's worse is it is in good, studio quality. You get to hear every agonizing grunt. Dylan's involvement is incredibly minimal. This is actually a scrapped Allen Ginsberg project from 1971. Released on the European Archive Label, this is, as is the norm with this Label, a very nice package.  Goofy characature on front, Euro-tomato splatter on back. 
Record plant studios New York City, Nov. 17&20.
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Only 200 numbered copies were pressed on Burgundy vinyl.  (somewhere around 193 too many). There are also 100 picture discs that were released the following year.
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7-9 stars    NMP35           pic disc NMP50
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Matrix: AS 8
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