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Hard Rain's Gonna Fall 
source: Gaslight & Finjan 
Side one: 

Man on the street 
He was a friend of mine 
Talkin' Bear Mountain picnic massacre blues 
Song to Woody 

Side two: 
Hard Rain
Car car 
Two trains running *
Rambling on my mind *

This record contains five of the six songs performed on September 6, 1961 at the first Gaslight  show. For the sake of a title, 'A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall'  (from the final 1962 Gaslight show of  late 1962) needlessly replaces 'Pretty Polly'. Added for filler are two songs from Finjan '62.

Thanks to Stephen Olsen for info & photos
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label 1
label 2
A quasi-legitimate LP that boasts good vinyl and full printed labels. This 1986 release from Germany's BigTime Label contains five songs from the six songs performed at the first Gaslight show. Missing is 'Pretty Polly'. Instead, it has been replaced with the title track which was taken from the final Gaslight show of 1962. Showing obvious ties to the Platinum Label release entitled "He Was a Friend of Mine", this album also contains the same two arbitrary songs from the 1962  Finjan Club*. Platinum further confused the releases from these two inter-related Labels by releasing the second Gaslight tape as a single LP, and giving it the same title 'A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall'.

6-8 stars     NMP30

Matrix: 2215541

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