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source: studio outtakes

Side one: 
Freeze Out (Visions of Johanna) 
She's your lover now 
Keep it with mine (Instrumental) 

Side two: 
Hero blues 
It takes a lot to laugh 
Sitting on a barbed wire fence 
Percy's song 

There is no mention on the package as to the track sources. They are as follows: 
Track 1 CBS studios, NY  10-20-65 
Track 2 CBS studios, NY  1-21-66 
Track 3 'Bring it back Home' session 1-14-65 
Track 4 CBS studios, NY Fall, 1963 
Track 5 Studio A, NY 6-16-65 
Track 6 Studio A, NY 6-16-65 
Track 7 Carnegie Hall, NY  10-26-63 

Thanks to Gavin  for info & photos
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Great quality German title from 1982 . Issued in a thick, plain white jacket with a square insert listing Gute Freunde Records. Black vinyl with plain white labels. This package was issued with several variables including 
a brown jacket, 5x8 sticker inserts, and blue or clear vinyl. One release, limited to 50 pieces, included a clear based multi-colored splatter vinyl with no labels and a 12x12 'Zappa' insert. All releases were pressed from the same plates. 
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8 stars      NMP40 color50  splatter60 
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