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In The Beginning
source: Live 1961 and '62
Side one: 

Pretty Peggy-O
Black girl (In the pines) 
Gospel plow 
1913 massacre 
Side two: 
Backwater blues 
Young but daily growing 
Fixin' to die 
Side three: 
Handsome Molly 
Naomi Wise 
Poor Lazarus 
Mean ol' railroad
Side four: 
Baby let me follow you down 
Talkin' John birch Society blues 
Death of Emmet Till 
Make me a pallet on your floor

Thanks to Gavin  for info & photos
Thanks to Joan Muntanyola for info

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LP 1
LP 2
Information:© 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
Early 1988 saw the release of this great piece on Germany's Archive Label 

It's a double album. The label is the usual generic Archive Series type. One side is the 'New Morning' style silver Dylan drawing, the other is the Archive logo .
The vinyl is translucent dark blood red on disc 1
and dirty mottled clear yellow on disc 2

There were 200 numbered copies on colored vinyl. The sound quality is as good as it gets considering the source material. The back cover is Archive's generic squashed tomato 'Euro-map' with the track listings and venues. 

Side 1 and 2- Carnegie recital Hall, NYC, Nov. 4th, 1961
Side 3 -Riverside Church, New York, July 29th, 1961
Side 4-Billy Faier show WBAI radio, NYC, Oct. 1962

5-7 stars     NMP60(color)   NMP45(black) 

Matrix: AS 16 A/B/C/D

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