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Jokerman Plays Berlin
source: June, 13 1984
Side one: 

Highway 61 
All along the watchtower
Just like a woman
 Side two:
Maggie's farm 
I & I 
License to kill 
My imagination (vocals by Gregg Sutton)
Side three: 
Tangled up in blue
It ain't me, babe 
It's all right, ma
 Side four:
It's all over now, baby blue 
Masters of war 
Ballad of a thin man 
Man of peace
Side five: 
Every grain of sand 
Like a rolling stone 
Don't think twice
 Side six:
Girl of the north country 
The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll 
Tombstone blues 
Blowin'  in the wind

Special thanks to Kirsten for photos & info
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This is a great looking 1985 3-LP box set from the German Label "Pretty Peaches". It comes in a black box with a red front cover. The first edition includes LPs that are either black, or multi-colored splatter vinyl editions. The splatter vinyl includes LP one: White base with red, yellow, & blue splatter. It has no label. LP two is a slightly translucent deep blue with black splatter. It has a blank red label. The third LP is a beautiful translucent red with black splatter and blank, black labels. There are two 11"x11" inserts that come in the box. One contains photos of Dylan in concert, the other is track listing (although not entirely accurate), venue, personnel, etc. along with the Pretty Peaches (Betty Boop) logo.
There was a second edition that came out in a similar package. The box is white with a blue front. LP one is clear vinyl. Two and three are marble vinyl ranging from blue to grey to maroon. The labels on this set are fake TAKRL labels. There is no connection with the USA manufacturer. All editions are pressed from the same master plates. The set contains the complete Berlin concert from June 13, 1984.
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8 Stars      NMP140
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Also on LPs 2 & 3:  130684-
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