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Let's Keep It Between Us
source: Fox Warfield 11/16/80
Side one: 

I believe in you 
Like a rolling stone 
Man gave names to all the animals 
To Ramona *

Side two: 
Let's keep it between us * 
Covenant woman * 
Señor * 
Simple twist of fate *
The groom's still waiting at the altar * 
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* Jerry Garcia on lead guitar
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Front Cover
Back Cover
Information: © 1999-2001 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
This 1987 release from the 'East coast' USA was copied from the 1983 swinging pig album "The live adventures of Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia")  being a German release, Live Adventures listed the date in the European style of dd/mm/yy. This release copied the information directly, failing to change the date format. This led some to incorrectly assume it to be European.
A simple black-on-green wrap-around cover provides little in the ways of help.  The label is full printed, however the titles listed are a play on the actual song
titles. The label also states "Ben and and Jerry's" 
and "Artemis record works". 
There is complete song separation between each song.  This sound Board tape is a little muffled, but still quite good.
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7 stars    NMP30 
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Matrix: CV 7209    A-1/B
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