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Live at Adelphi Theatre
source: Dublin 5/5/ 66
Side one: 

Visions of Johanna 
Fourth time around 
It's all over now Baby Blue

Side two: 
Desolation row 
Just like a woman 
Mr. Tambourine Man
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Front Cover
Back Cover
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This is a fairly simple piece with no indication as to the manufacturer. It was released in Italy in 1983. The recording is not perfect, but that is due largely to the quality of the original soundboard tape. There is no better know quality tape that exists. This LP has blank white labels. Nothing on the back cover but track listings. The cheaply done, grainy looking black and white cover photo actually has a little charm; and a kind of "old world" look. This 1983 release predates the more famous Bulldog Label release 'Adelphi' by five years. It was also released on green vinyl, and a very limited edition of light blue marble vinyl.
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 7½ stars    NMP40  green NMP45 marbleNMP50
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