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Live at Carnegie Hall 1963
source: CBS Live Recording

Side one: 
Last thoughts Woody Guthrie 
Lay down your weary tune 
Dusty old Fair grounds 
Ballad of of John Brown

Side two: 
When the ship comes in 
Who killed Davey Moore? 
Percy's song 
New Orleans rag 
Seven curses
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There has long been mistaken information about this title. gwa lists it as a very rare 1974 Berkeley release. The cover is rare, but in actuality, this deluxe black and white gatefold cover contains nothing more than the TAKRL records release Are you now or have you ever been
There were 5 copies of this cover produced by a professional printer to house his copies of the album. The back cover is "My life in a stolen moment" written by Dylan, and used on the program of the Town Hall '63 show (Cover is wrong in stating Carnegie hall) 
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 7 stars    NMP70
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Matrix: TAKRL 1952
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