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Lost Poems
source: various live

Side one: 
It Ain't Me, Babe 
Masters Of War 
We Better Talk This Over 
Man Gave Names To All The Animals

Side two: 
Ballad Of A Thin Man 
Girl Of The North Country 
Spirit in the Night

Side one: 
track 1:
 ' 76 live tour.  Track 2) Earl's Court, London ' 81.  Track 3:  Paris ' 78.  Track 4) Basel ' 81. 

Side two: 
track 1:  ' 76 world tour. 
Track 2: Blackbushe aerodrome ' 76
Track 3:  Springsteen

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Here is an interesting 1983 German piece with good quality (although commonly available) boot audience recordings from various shows of the late 70's and early 80's. Black vinyl with gold labels that read "The Live Demos 1976-81". The cover is ridiculous as a collectible item, and is a good example of a manufacturer getting out a quick profit LP with no time spent towards making  a desirable keepsake. The final track is listed as Repossession Blues from Basel ' 81, but it is mistakenly a track of Bruce Springsteen singing Spirit in the Night instead of the Dylan track. This mistake creates a cross collectible item with Bruce fans, and once again, shows how little concern the Label had for quality.

5-7 stars      NMP45  

Matrix: D2 A/B

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