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Last Thoughts on Henry Mancini (Never ending covers)
source: Various live cover tunes
Side one: 

My head's in Mississippi - Oxford MI 10/25/90 
(Gibbons/ Hill / Beard)
And it stoned me - Rochester MI 7/6/89
Homeward bound - Lunsbruck, Austria 6/4/91
(Simon/ Garfunkle)
Poncho and Lefty -  Cava Dei Terreni,  Italy 6/21/89
(Townes Van Zandt)
Nowhere Man - Edmonton,  Alberta 8/12/90
(Lennon/ McCartney)
Side two: 
Hey good looking-Tuscaloosa, Alabama 10/26/90 
(Hank Williams) 
Friend of the devil - Dayton, Ohio 11/9/91 
Tupelo honey revisited -Belfast, 2/6/91
(Van Morrison-vocals) (Morrison) 
The harder they come-Bonner Springs, KS 8/22/89 (Jimmy Cliff) 
Sittin' on the dock of the bay -George, 
Washington  8/18/90     (Otis Redding) 
Moon River Merriville, IN. 8/27/90 
(Henry Mancini/ Johnny Mercer)
Side One
1) 5 stars, throughout 6-7, but a 10-sec. dropout after 1 minute makes it worse.
2)  4-5 stars, wow & flutter, tape hiss, dropouts; bob doesn't treat the song too well...
3)  6-7 stars , dry and compact sound, although cd "olympic pleasure sounds" far far better.
4)  7-8 stars, full sound/frequency range, close & dry; catching performance, 2 little harp solos
5)  6-7 stars, distant, some distortions due to over peak recording levels (??)
Side Two
1)  4-5 stars, dropouts, very distant, bassy, crowd noises; a bit uninspired .
2)  4-5 stars, distant, bassy, flaw, wows like a 5th generation tape - was it the first performance of that song? He plays a nice guitar...
3)  5 stars , flaw, bassy Bob introduces the song as .."my favorite honey...", huge crowd response (i.e. NOISE) as van steps up; he takes it away..
4)  6 stars, crisp sound, sharp tone
5)  7 stars good sound, crowd noises; soulful performance
6)  5 stars Bob's introduction hardly audible, flaw; somewhere between al martino and dean martin....
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Front Cover
Back Cover
This early 1992 release from European Label Spliff, was one of the last vinyl Dylan boots ever to be produced. The title has a multi level meaning. The cover is fairly nice with good aesthetics. The back contains full track and venue information. The catalog number on the back cover is: SPLIFF 002. There is no song separation, and no playing times are listed. All tracks are "field recordings", and quality varies (see details at left).

6 stars (overall)   NMP45 

Matrix: DY-A/B (handwritten)

Special Thanks to Germany's Slow Train Coming for the photos and information for this album
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