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Lost & Found
source: Basement Tapes
Side one: 

All you have to do is dream 
I can't make it alone 
I'm  Not there 
Get your rocks off 
Down on me
Bonnie ship the diamond 
He's  young, but he's daily growing

Side two: 
Open the door, Richard 
One man's loss
You say you love me No. 1 
Garth on piano 

Side three: 
You say you love me No. 2 
The hills of Mexico 
One for the road 
I'm all right 
One single river 
I shall be released

Side four: 
Try me little girl 
I don't hurt anymore 
People get ready 
Too much of nothing 
Baby ain't that fine 
A night without sleep

Side five: 
A fool such as I 
Gonna get you now 
Apple suckling tree 
Stones that you throw
Be my baby 
I got you Babe 

Side six: 
Sonny boy 
Sign on the cross 
Lock your door 
Baby, won't you let me be your baby 
Don't you try me now 
All you have to do is dream No. 2

Side seven: 
Yazoo street scandal (The Band)
The mighty Quinn
Nothing was delivered
Million dollar bash
Yea, heavy and a bottle of bread
Please, Mrs. Henry

Side eight: 
Down in the flood
Lo and behold
Odds and ends
Clothesline saga
Tiny Montgomery
This wheel's on fire
You ain't goin' nowhere
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This is an incredible 1987 four LP box set from the German Label Archive. The LPs are pressed on marble vinyl ranging from red to maroon. The labels are the standard hodge-podge ones used by this manufacturer, and include "Dylan with scarf", "Archive logo", "Dog photo", and "woodprint letters". The set is issued in a bright metallic silver textured cardboard box. Inside the box is 2 full-cover size stick on labels to create the front and back cover. The back is the standard "Tomato splatter Euro map" employed by this Label, while the front is the cartoon caricature "Tangled Up In Tapes".

The material on the first six LP sides came directly from the 1986 USA releases Basement Tapes Vol 1 and Vol 2. The song order has been rearranged to be spread over six sides rather than eight. The final LP contains additional material that was not included in the American release.

Thanks to Rune Roaldkvam for photos

9 stars     NMP190

Matrix: AS 10 - A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H

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