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Minnesota 1961 vol. 1 
source: Minnesota party tape
Side one: 

Railroad Bill 
Will the Circle be unbroken 
Man of constant sorrow 
Pretty Polly 
Railroad Boy
Times ain't what they used to be 
Why'd you cut my hair ? 

Side two: 
This Land is your Land 
Two trains runnin' 
Wild mountain thyme 
Car car 
Don't push me down 

A very early recording from May 1961. This represents the first half of the commonly circulated tape. The second  half was released as "Young but growing" The degree of connection between the two releases is not completely known.
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Front Cover
Back Cover

Nice looking deluxe beige cover on this 
1980 European release by Penguin records. 1000 
numbered copies.  Cover says ' egg two ' 
but there is no matrix in runoff . black vinyl.
labels have large 'Side A (B). 
A second pressing had blue and silver labels. Rare recordings from the May '61 'party tape' 

6 stars     1st NMP50    2nd NMP45

Matrix:   A/B 

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