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More Music from Big Pink 

source: Basement tapes

Side one: 
All you have to do is dream 
I can't make it alone 
Bonnie ship the diamond 
Young but daily growin' 
One man's loss 
The hills of Mexico 
One for the road 

Side two: 
One single River 
Try me  little girl 
I don't hurt anymore 
People get ready 
Baby ain't that fine? 
Rock salt and nails 
A fool such as I 
Gonna get you now 
The stones that you throw 

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Front Cover
Back Cover

There is no information as to the manufacturer of  this wonderful 1988 European piece.  Talk about albums that can rival the major label releases! A beautiful front cover that CBS would have been proud of, and a fun, information filled back cover with five incredible caricatures. 
A full printed custom made label, good quality vinyl, excellent choice of material, great sound ... what more could you ask for? ... with nothing less than a true factory seal!   Bootlegs don't get any better! 

7-8  stars    NMP45    NMP60(factory seal) 
(the true factory seal has a 2 " overlap seem running down the middle of the back cover) 

Matrix: BD M B T

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